Audiovisual translations

Do you need to translate subtitles for a series, documentary or educational materials? It will be my pleasure to provide you with audiovisual translations. 

My offer includes:

translating subtitles to:

  • documentary and corporate films
  • TV series
  • educational materials
  • multimedia presentations
  • e-learning platforms


which means replacing the original narrated content with a voice-over. When choosing a voice from the voice library, I consider the type of material and your preferences.
In the process of audiovisual translation, I start with a careful read of the source material. A good translation of films or multimedia presentations requires much broader competencies than just language fluency. While translating, I take into account the cultural location and make sure that all the elements are synchronised.

My target translation is easy to read, consistent with the frame and refined in the number of characters in the lines. A well-done audiovisual translation should make it easier for the recipients to watch the film. The subtitles should seem as if they are not there at all.
I have provided audiovisual translation services to clients such as Netflix and BBC Entertainment. I will be happy to use the experience I have gained by providing a translation service for you.

Sample projects

  • Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • Star Trek
  • Downtown Abbey
  • Making a Murderer
I know my job, and I never compromise on quality. 

I am here to improve your efforts and support you in reaching your goals.


Maja Walczak
Office: ul. Braci Niemojowskich 15
62-800 Kalisz, Poland
+48 508 272

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