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18 August 2023
What is the website translation process like?

Website translation makes your business user-friendly and culturally appealing to multilingual customers. So, what is the website translation process, and what do you need to know? In this blog, we share our approach, the benefits of website translation, and other practical recommendations.

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9 August 2023
Unlocking the Benefits of Multilingual Content Marketing B2B

As the saying goes, ‘content is king,’ and it does not matter which country your business is based in. When it comes to content marketing for multilingual companies, you need to have a strategy.

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19 July 2023
Do you need help with translating subtitles for your videos and movies?

Over the years, we have translated subtitles for a variety of TV and media companies, including Netflix and the BBC. When it comes to translating subtitles for videos and movies, you need a specialist audiovisual translator. So, what exactly is audiovisual translation?

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28 June 2023
What’s the best app or website language for your business?

Building a successful online business requires the use of language people can understand. If you are wondering what’s the best website language to use for marketing or business, then you need to think further than just using English. Why not consider going multilingual instead?

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21 June 2023
How can a brand differentiate itself from others through its tone of voice?

Using the right brand tone of voice for your translated marketing is essential for maintaining your brand reputation on the global stage. But why is using tone of voice in translation so important?

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7 June 2023
Why are marketing translations important?

Marketing translations require different types of extra skills such as creativity, research and an in-depth knowledge of marketing channels. So, why are marketing translations important for your business?

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30 May 2023
5 Reasons why it's worth setting up a company in Poland

Are you thinking of developing your business in Poland? There are several reasons why it’s worth setting up a company in Poland. Asides from having a stable and rapidly expanding economy, your brand could be tapping into a broad pool of technologies and skills. Why it's worth?

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24 May 2023
Expanding business internationally? Don't make these five mistakes!

An international business strategy will require significant due diligence if you want to position your brand effectively on the international stage. You will need a thorough and strategic understanding of the people, culture and economic dynamics of the country you wish to trade in. 

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16 May 2023
How can SEO translations help in marketing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves many different elements, from having a well-coded website on a fast hosting platform to linking with relevant external websites. It also includes the practice of using keywords that reflect real search phrases people are using online.

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12 May 2023
Polish translation: is it better to choose a translator or an agency?

If you’re looking for Polish translation, you might be asking whether it is better to choose a freelance translator or an agency. There are pros and cons for both, although for most businesses, a freelancer is much more likely to work as part of your extended team.

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