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22 July 2022
7 Benefits of translating your website into Polish

Polish is within the Indo-European family of languages, and although primarily used in Poland, it’s also spoken in 10 countries around the world. So, with 39.7 million speakers worldwide, translating your website into Polish could transform your business profitability. “Seventy-five per cent of respondents say that they are more likely to purchase from the same […]

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24 May 2022
The growing need for Ukrainian translation

With the arrival of millions of Ukrainian refugees across Europe, there is a growing need for organisations to consider Ukrainian translation of text. It is also worth including Russian translation, as this is often a first language for many Ukrainians, and a second language for most. At a time when communication is key, it is […]

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11 April 2022
Translating your online shop to Polish

If you have an e-commerce business, translating your online shop to Polish could help you increase your sales and customer base. With a stable and growing economy, Poland is of increasing interest to global retailers. And when you consider that 20,000,000 Poles live outside of Poland, there is a huge untapped market awaiting online retail […]

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4 November 2021
Should you invest in Poland in 2021?

12 "Untapped potential." "Poland: the regional leader." "A record year in terms of foreign investments in Poland." These are just a few of the headlines from articles praising Poland as an excellent place to invest. If you are also considering investing in this Central European country, the following article should help you decide if it's […]

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10 September 2021
Translation of mobile apps into Polish

The average smartphone user has ten applications installed[1]. Users go shopping with them and the apps provide motivation while they are jogging as well as adjust the temperature in their bedroom. When launching an application on the market and into the clients’ lives, you should support them in their native languages. Why? Because it pays […]

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1 June 2021
When do you need the globalization or localization of your translated text?

Globalization and localization of translation relate to adapting communication to the needs of those who speak different languages, live in different countries, and are immersed in different cultures.  Today, multilingual communication that is to be used in various markets is prepared already at the product planning stage. You can approach translating texts that are meant […]

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7 January 2021
27 million potential customers are waiting for you to open your store in Poland

Find out all that you need to know about the Polish e-commerce market in 2021 With over 38 million inhabitants, Poland is one of the fastest developing e-commerce markets. Around 83% of the population has access to the Internet. Each year, the number of people doing their shopping online increases. Interestingly, Poles prefer to shop […]

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7 January 2021
Four easy steps to starting a business in Poland as a foreigner – legal forms, costs, and regulations

This article aims at foreigners who want to start a business in Poland and who are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to do it. You will learn the differences between the basic forms of business organization in Poland. You will find out what documents you need to set up and register your business with […]

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7 January 2021
Five ways to make your translated website more successful

A well-designed multilingual website will help you reach your international markets successfully. Language verification carried out by a native speaker will ensure that your website contains no mistakes that are caused by a lack of cultural knowledge. Maximize the potential of your website Your website is a business card that enables customers to get to […]

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