Business translations

I am well versed in business and financial translations. I make the translated text correct in terms of the language and further adapt it to the specifics of a given industry. Some of my clients operate in e-commerce, tourism and the beauty industry, but I also feel comfortable in other business areas.

A well-done business translation enables the easy workflow of the entire company – from corporate communication to tender documents. My work is accurate and on time, adapted to your company's business rhythm. I can provide business translations of large-scale as well as highly specialised texts.

Business translations:

  •  company correspondence
  •  financial statements
  •  annual reports
  •  codes of conduct
  •  training and conference materials
  •  human resources documentation
  •  tender documents
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I know my job, and I never compromise on quality. 

I am here to improve your efforts and support you in reaching your goals.


Maja Walczak
Office: ul. Braci Niemojowskich 15
62-800 Kalisz, Poland
+48 508 272

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