is to facilitate
the smooth entrance
of your company to the Polish market with natural-sounding translations and connections to local institutions.

Sound interesting?
If so, this is what I offer:


translation from english into polish
From mobile apps through to corporate documentation and marketing materials, I offer high-quality English to Polish translation. With my support, your content will be translated in a manner that makes it fully understandable and enjoyable for the Polish audience. Regardless of the industry, linguistic and cultural knowledge are essential. You can rely on me, as I am Polish born and bred, with a perfect understanding of the Polish culture and way of thinking. I translate content mainly for the business and marketing sectors, but I also undertake translations in other fields. Every text is also proofread prior to submission.
Emily Martin
Languages Manager, uTalk, UK
We have enjoyed working with Maja for over 5 years on a number of translations including marketing and technical text for our apps for learning languages. We are very satisfied with the quality of Maja's translations from English to Polish and look forward to future collaborations with her.
Sol Marnotes
MLG International, USA
Maja has been collaborating with since 2014. She has been performing reviews and translations in different formats, both URLs and PDF files, and concerning various fields, most of the texts related to marketing, website content, e-commerce. We would definitely work again with her. She has been quite and efficient professional and really kind every time we contacted her.
website and mobile app translation
I translate websites of companies from various industries. Each time I focus on both linguistic correctness as well as the industry and cultural context. A localised website will make you more relevant in the eyes of foreign customers, through perfectly adjusted communication. I also translate learning, entertainment and utility mobile applications. My clients have discovered how the language version of mobile apps has a direct impact on sales, building trust in the brand and making it more possible to succeed in foreign markets.
audiovisual translations
I translate subtitles for TV series, films, programs, and commercials. I adjust my vocabulary to the given production, while also considering the cultural context. My translation of commercials will be different from feature series. I always ensure that my subtitles are concise and can be read quickly, as well as making sense as a whole. My translated subtitles can be easily followed without any misunderstandings or overinterpretations.
Sarah Countryman
Captions, USA
I worked with Maja for about 2 years as a subtitle translator for Captions, Inc., while I was a scheduler and then a project manager. I always found her quick and responsive, and dedicated to delivering quality translations.
IIan Harari-Beckett
CEO, Infinity Trading Solutions
We brought Maja on board when having difficulties and she proved more than valuable with helping us set up our activity in the Polish market to the point where we decided to hire her as a business assistant full-time. She is professional, accurate and pleasant to work with and I would recommend her in any capacity as she is quick to adapt and results-oriented!
background support for companies entering the Polish market
Not only do I translate for business, but I also work with companies providing various services. This includes contacting Polish officials via telephone and e-mail, searching for subcontractors (e.g. accountants), and translating your company's correspondence and documentation. I understand the barriers and difficulties that can be encountered by entrepreneurs contacting Polish institutions. I am here to help you communicate effectively.
As one of my clients, you will benefit from over a decade of translation expertise and business knowledge. I never compromise on quality.

I am here to support your business, so you can achieve your goals.


Maja Walczak
Office: ul. Braci Niemojowskich 15
62-800 Kalisz, Poland
+48 508 272

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