Translation and localisation of mobile apps into English and Polish

Are you a Polish company who has developed a mobile application or a game? Translating and localising your mobile application into English will increase your reach and attract new customers.

I translate learning, entertainment or utility mobile applications. My clients have discovered that the language version of the mobile application has a direct impact on sales, builds trust in the brand and makes it more possible to succeed in foreign markets.

I provide the translation and localisation of mobile applications. In other words, I adapt the language version to the cultural context of audience. As a result, the translation sounds natural. You won't find any of those funny – yet disastrous – mistakes that are produced by automatic translation.

Translating mobile applications into Polish

If you plan to enter the Polish market, English is not enough. Contrary to what Poles declare, only 30% of them speak English at fluent level.

The Polish-language version of your mobile application increases your chances of gaining loyal customers and regular subscribers. Let me translate your application into Polish, and I will adapt it to the users. They won’t want to stop using your app.

Are you creating a website or a web portal? See my translation and localisation of websites services.

My projects - mobile apps

As one of my clients, you will benefit from over a decade of translation expertise and business knowledge. I never compromise on quality

I am here to support your business, so you can achieve your goals.


Maja Walczak
Office: ul. Braci Niemojowskich 15
62-800 Kalisz, Poland
+48 508 272

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