What is the website translation process like?

website translation

Website translation makes your business user-friendly and culturally appealing to multilingual customers. So, what is the website translation process, and what do you need to know? At Lang Bay, we have our own strategy for translating websites. In this blog, we share our approach, the benefits of website translation, and other practical recommendations.

There are 5.18 billion internet users worldwide, which is 64.6% of the global population. (April 2023 - Statista)

Benefits of website translations

As more than one-third of all internet users are non-English speakers, creating websites in people’s languages makes sense. If people visit your website and cannot read the information they need, they will move on.

A user-friendly, multilingual website must provide a helpful experience with information in people's native language and culturally relevant elements. This makes it easier for your potential customers to relate to what your website offers and, ultimately, to buy from you.

As English-to-Polish translation specialists, for example, we would translate your website into content relevant to a Polish audience. Our team has a deep knowledge of the Polish people, country, and marketplaces, so we can add value to your website translation. Poland has a fast-growing and stable economy, making it an attractive market for international businesses. Read our blog, 5 Reasons why it’s worth setting up a company in Poland.

5 Steps for translating a website into Polish

Below is our five-step process for translating a multilingual website:

  • Step 1: We will ask you for any market research and marketing strategy before starting the translation. Understanding your target market, customers, personas, and your brand tone of voice will help us achieve the best translation results.
  • Step 2: Once we have checked with you regarding what needs to be translated, we will also ask you about any materials that need to be collated. This could include graphics and product/service descriptions, and we will also ask for any fresh data. 
  • Step 3: This is when we will start writing your translation, which will be tailored to your industry. We will also make sure the content appeals to your intended target market, applying suitable and relevant localization, as required.
  • Step 4: We advise obtaining customer feedback before the website goes live or is updated, so we can see how your translated website content is being received. We can make corrections to ensure the content is as effective as possible. 
  • Step 5: Once your website is published, we will check how users react to the content. After these tests are carried out, we may make further corrections.

Multilingual website translation

Whether you need to translate a website from English to Polish or another language, ensuring your users can relate to your website content is essential. Otherwise, they will exit from your website, and they may never return. As a result, your prospects could buy from one of your competitors instead. If they have translated their website into the native language of your target market, they will have a competitive edge.

People prefer buying from localized websites because they are much more likely to trust a business that speaks to them in their own language. Due to e-commerce, there’s an ever-increasing number of companies wishing to expand internationally. Translated and localized websites are a growing need for any business targeting foreign markets. 

Businesses need to be able to communicate through their websites using different languages to avoid any barriers. People who understand what you offer in their own language are much more likely to buy from you. Sales and any online transactions also become smoother because your website users are more likely to become repeat customers.

Lang Bay has a proven and professional website translation process, and we work with businesses worldwide. We will learn about your business, objectives, offering, and your target market. We will then translate and localize your multilingual website to engage your target audiences. If you need SEO translations, we can help you with those too.

Our team is a specialist in English-to-Polish translation, localization, and subtitling. We can help your company enter the Polish marketplace with engaging website content tailored to your brand's tone of voice.

Do you want to develop your business in Poland and have a website that needs translating? Email info@langbay.eu to find out how we can translate your text for the Polish market.

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