Written translations

Written translation is much more than simply translating company documentation into a foreign language. I provide translations that help companies perform better not only on a daily basis but also during crucial moments.

An international contract, launching a product on new markets or developing training materials are some of the examples that first come to mind of situations where you absolutely need a good English/Polish translator who will excellently prepare all written translations.

I have been operating in the business world for over ten years now.

I have been operating in the business world for over ten years now. I know the specific nature and terminology used in numerous industries. My work is always accurate and on time. Every text that my clients entrust me with is thoroughly corrected regarding the grammar, style, punctuation, spelling, typography and syntax.

Therefore, you do not need to incur additional costs when ordering written translations from me and you do not need any intermediaries either.

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I know my job, and I never compromise on quality. 

I am here to improve your efforts and support you in reaching your goals.


Maja Walczak
Office: ul. Braci Niemojowskich 15
62-800 Kalisz, Poland
+48 508 272

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