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Expand your brand in Poland with our skilled English-to-Polish translation services. We craft SEO-optimized content that speaks to your Polish audience.

Langbay: tłumaczenia polsko-angielskie EN - English-to-Polish Translation

What Makes Us Unique

More Than Translation

Providing impeccable English-to-Polish translation services that reflect your brand and reach your target audience, we will help you make your mark in the Polish market.
Language Localization

Language Localization

We pay close attention to the nuances of language, culture, industry types, and products as we tailor our translations to fit the specific needs of the Polish market, enhancing your connection with your audience and building brand trust.
Natural Excellence

Natural Excellence

Experience the power of our fluent, engaging English-to-Polish translation, crafted by our team of native Polish speakers who expertly combine linguistic skill with captivating copywriting, perfectly capturing your message's essence.
SEO Translations

SEO Translations

We can identify ideal keywords for you, produce SEO-friendly content, and enhance your visibility on the web. Working with us not only means receiving quality translations, but also gaining access to untapped audiences.
Brand Consistency

Brand Consistency

We aim to seamlessly blend your content with your brand's unique tone of voice, ensuring that each word truly captures your brand's essence and stands out in the Polish market.


Our English-to-Polish Translation Services

Experience the power of bringing your vision to life in Poland's thriving market. Our comprehensive support extends from sparking interest to nurturing brand loyalty.

Want to Expand Your Reach in Poland?

I am Maja Walczak, the driving force behind Langbay, your top boutique translation company for customized English-Polish translation services.

With over ten years of experience, I have helped many clients successfully enter the Polish market, attract local customers, and boost profits. Our team of SEO experts, creative writers, and localization pros is ready to drive your Polish market expansion.

Let’s start this transformative journey together!

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Since the first project we worked on together, Maja has been a professional consistently delivering high-quality translations and has never missed a deadline.

    If anything's unclear, Maja will ask valid questions which is the secret of her quality along with many years of experience and knowledge in the field of translations and localisation. If you're looking for a Polish translator, you want Maja to do the job."
  • "Maja is really great and always available when there is something urgent.

    She is a pleasure to deal with and definitely someone you can count on. She is meticulous, pays attention to deadlines and details and always follows the instructions given in the tasks. The questions she asks are always valid, and sometimes, she is the first to identify problems. It is, therefore, my pleasure to recommend her as an English-Polish translator! If you are looking for someone highly professional who will provide you with top-notch translations, Maja is the right person."
  • "It is my pleasure to recommend Maja as an English-Polish translator.

    I have been working with Maja for over two years and I have been delighted with her work, and her projects are always delivered on time. She follows instructions, communicates issues promptly and gets the job done right the first time. She possesses a high level of attention to detail, thoroughness and efficiency which is essential for translation. I cannot recommend Maja highly enough."
  • "We have enjoyed working with Maja for over 5 years on a number of translations including marketing and technical text for our apps for learning languages.

    We are very satisfied with the quality of Maja's translations from English to Polish and look forward to future collaborations with her."
  • "Maja is working on an on-going project translating a mobile app related to the retail industry.

    She is very skilled translator with extensive expertise, and very pleasant to work with. She is very reliable, always deliver her work on time and provides great quality work. We are very satisfied with her services."


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Are you looking for valuable insights to maximize your business's impact in the Polish market? Do you want to stay ahead of the game with the latest trends in marketing and English-to-Polish translation? Our expert resources offer a wealth of knowledge, so you can discover the power of finely-tuned translation services and take your business to new horizons.

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