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Do you need precisely translated content from English to Polish? I offer accurate Polish translations for international corporations, e-commerce businesses and marketing companies. You will receive perfect translations on time and at reasonable prices.

Develop your business and enter the Polish market by capturing the hearts and minds of Polish customers and clients.

Benefit from using an experienced translator, who has been translating and localizing text for over a decade.

Your translation will be rooted in the Polish culture and the spirit of your brand.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Why choose Lang Bay?

Are you planning to export your goods or launch your services in Poland? Would you like new customers for your products among the Polish people living in Poland and abroad? Your business will benefit from my extensive language skills and many years of experience. I will always translate your texts, websites, or mobile applications in a timely, accurate, and natural manner.
My translation of your content will enable you to reach Polish customers, clients, and employees, and to improve how you communicate with them. You will enjoy flawless, expressive translations that reflect the spirit of your brand. My translations consider the Polish cultural context, ensuring more satisfied customers. I have extensive experience in translating for various industries, including fashion, beauty products, tourism and travel, e-commerce, e-learning, and network marketing.


online shops 
(product launches)
marketing and promotional campaigns
corporate documents, contracts, and communication
training and conference materials (programs and brochures)
correspondence with Polish authorities and institutions
  • websites
  • mobile apps
  • online shops(product launches)
  • marketing and promotional communication
  • subtitles
  • corporate documentation, contracts, and communication
  • training and conference materials (programs and brochures)
  • correspondence with Polish authorities and institutions

About Lang Bay

Maja Walczak, Polish Translator
I am an independent, freelance English and Polish translator, specializing in business and marketing. Since 2011, I have been translating for international brands, helping a variety of businesses across the globe both enter and succeed within the Polish marketplace.
  • Master's degree in English Philology

  • Postgraduate studies in specialized translation

  • Two years of IT training

  • Legal translation course

  • Experience in organizing conferences for translators

  • Membership in the Association of Polish Translators
You only pay for translation and proofreading. 
There are no overhead costs or go-betweens.
I use the latest and most advanced language tools that are expected and required by the translation industry
I use SDL Trados Studio 2019, which allows me to create translation memories and terminology databases. Thanks to CAT tools, when translating web pages, I keep the coding intact, and I do not charge for it. Specialist tools enable me to work:
  • Quickly (thanks to translation memories)

  • Consistently to maintain translation

  • In many file formats and on large-volume texts

  • For highly specialized industries

  • On large-volume texts

  • In a team of translators
The more I translate your content, the faster and cheaper the translation becomes.
I collaborate with a group of trusted translators, which means I can undertake large-volume projects.
My writing is creative
and always with the
spirit of the brand in mind.
Before I focused on translating marketing content, mobile apps, and websites, I worked for four years translating scripts and subtitles for top entertainment companies, including Netflix, Disney and BBC Entertainment. This experience taught me to be creative in translating into Polish.
Working with companies from various industries, and closely with sales, marketing, and localization teams, has taught me to write in the spirit of the brand. I understand the importance of maintaining brand quality, which relies on consistency and the quality of communication. I always consider the recipient of the translated content, using relevant terminology




what can you
expect when
working with
reliable and smooth
the right language
for your brand and your clients
consistent terminology
thanks to the use of Trados
at each stage
of the project
in-depth knowledge
and specialization
collaboration with an 
industry professional
on-time delivery
no time
countless correction 
high quality
over a decade 
of experience
As one of my clients, you will benefit from over a decade of translation expertise and business knowledge. I never compromise on quality.

I am here to support your business, so you can achieve your goals.


Maja Walczak
Office: ul. Braci Niemojowskich 15
62-800 Kalisz, Poland
+48 508 272

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