How can running a multilingual company blog help your business grow?

Running a company blog in English is an obligation for all companies that plan to expand abroad! Content marketing is a powerful tool to help you build your visibility abroad. Take advantage of the opportunity to promote on the international market. Find out why you should run a company blog. What are the benefits of blogging?

Does a company blog make sense in 2023?

Do you run a company account on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, but you don't have a blog? This may turn out to be a mistake! Basing all your marketing on social media is not a good idea because you become dependent on the company. You will notice this threat when Meta tools crash. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp stop working, and ads disappear. This has happened several times, lasting from a minute to 2-3 hours. Another threat is that corporations may start charging more fees - you must pay them to remain "visible".

However, when you develop a blog on your website, all marketing power will always stay with you and will not depend on social media. I don't think it's necessary to break with social media and delete accounts from there. I want to show that it is not worth relying on only one medium, and instead, it is better to diversify your marketing activities.
Do Internet users want to read longer content? Do they prefer to watch a short video on TikTok or listen to podcasts? It turns out that there is still a place for high-quality content on the Internet. I have collected interesting information for you from marketing reports:

Data shows that the popularity of social media is growing, but blogs are still catching up. It is still worth investing in content marketing, especially when you want to expand your business abroad.

Why is it worth blogging in different languages?

The development of business on an international scale is related to the fact that you need to create communication in the language of the country you want to visit. The good choice may be Polish because it is spoken by as many as 45 million people. When you create content in Polish, you can be sure it will reach most recipients. What are the other advantages of starting a company blog in Polish?

Testing the foreign market

You don't have to drop everything, move abroad and develop your business there. In the beginning, it will be safer to take small steps, one of them may be a multilingual business blog. Because of this, you will check the interest in the services or products you offer - you will create several articles on this topic and see how many people are interested in them. Along the way, you will get to know the international market better and see what problems customers have.
Texts in different languages will have a chance to be read by a huge number of people, so you can learn a lot. What services or products do they need? What annoys them? Does the text provide them with enough knowledge, or does it need to be developed? Are foreign consumers interested in what works in your country?

Increasing international visibility

After testing the new market, it's time for active action. Content on the company blog must be created following SEO rules, then you can appear in the TOP10 searches in Google. A high position in the search engine will increase your visibility on the web - anyone who searches for a given industry will be able to find your company.
Is a multilingual website enough for positioning? You will achieve faster and more effective operations by running a multilingual blog. You won't be able to fit as many keywords on the website as in long articles. A company blog allows you to support positioning for many phrases that can be addressed to different recipients, and you will increase your visibility on the market abroad.

Reaching foreign customers

When visibility on Google increases, there is an opportunity to reach new foreign consumers and acquire customers. When you create texts on topics eagerly searched by the audience, you have a chance that they will click on your article and then stay on the page. Valuable content can convince them to establish cooperation with you because they will see that you have knowledge and experience in the industry.
The text itself, even if very good, but only in English, would not go to a person from another country.

Building trust and the image of an expert

A company blog is a great place to show your industry knowledge. You can educate and share tips and exciting tools you use. Expert texts will show that you know more about your product or service than the competition, increasing the trust of potential customers.

In that blog, recipients will find out who is behind the logo and who builds the company. You will give your brand a voice when you create valuable content tailored to customers’ needs and inquiries, and you will also participate in the discussion. It is easier to identify with an organisation that actively works and builds its image than with a silent brand.

The advantage over the competitors

Today, a person looking for a service or product online does not buy what comes first. The consumer has many options - they can choose from online stores or organisations around the world. Often the customer searches for several places and compares their offer. They are more likely to trust a company where they will see a specialist, which is why it is essential to build your image online.
A multilingual website will put you one step ahead of your competition, which is only in one language. A company website helps you build a professional and expert image.

Does the multilingual company blog work? Examples from the market

Do you think a foreign company cannot appear in the Polish market? I can't agree with that! Foreign companies operate in the Polish market with great success. Several companies focus on content marketing and develop their blogs, both in their native language and in Polish.

Examples of foreign companies whose company blog in Polish has been successful:

  1. IKEA - a popular furniture company, publishes articles on how to furnish an apartment. They add texts about how someone arranged their home with furniture from IKEA. Content is both an inspiration and an advertisement for products.
  2. Badoo - the dating app runs a blog in Polish where they share dating advice.

How to effectively run a multilingual website?

Running a blog is not difficult, but you must follow a few rules. It can take a while at first, but it will go smoothly and quickly once you get the hang of it. Do not be discouraged after a few days - you will see the results of content marketing activities after a few months. A company blog is a chance for regular views and traffic on the site, not one-off bursts of popularity.

A few tips to get started with blogging

  1. Create a blog on a business subdomain and as a separate tab, but never create a separate address. As a result, phrases from blog articles will help position the website, not the blog itself. Let the look of your content page match the style of your organisation’s website.
  2. Think about the purpose of your blog and who is the target group (to whom you are addressing your texts).
  3. Set how many times a month you can publish the text. It should be at least 2-4 times a month. Regular posting is crucial.
  4. Choose key phrases for which you want to position your website. They can be related to your industry, company, area of activity, or place.
  5. Look for topics that your audience is eagerly searching for. Check what questions they ask most often, create a survey on social media, and watch what the competition is creating. Try to "put yourself in the client's shoes" and consider what issues may seem unclear.
  6. Monitor comments and participate in the discussion.
  7. Promote texts on your social media and other places where you appear.

How to write an article following SEO rules?

  1. Select the main keyword for which the text should be displayed in the search engine. Choose two auxiliary phrases for this. It's best to choose ones that are natural and easy to find. They can answer the questions: why, who, how, where, what, when, and why.
  2. Include the key phrase in the title, do the same in the first paragraphs.
  3. Use H1, H2, H3 headings and remember about their hierarchy.
  4. Don't make your paragraphs clumpy; break them up into smaller parts and use bullets instead.
  5. Google's TOP10 includes articles that are over 1000 words long. Publish content that has a minimum of 750 words.
  6. Linking is crucial for the success of text optimisation, so add links to other subpages or articles in each entry.
  7. Expand texts with other media, such as photos, videos, and infographics.
  8. Each blog entry must be unique - do not copy content from others. Otherwise, Google will not show this content in search results.
  9. Add CTA (Call to Action), i.e. a call to action. Encourage readers to perform a specific action - contact, join the newsletter, or write a comment or message.
  10. A blog is a place to serve your brand. Don't forget to advertise your services or products.

A useful tool for writing texts by SEO is Neuronwriter. In that, you will create content that will achieve high results in Google, and AI will help you with this. The program shows which keywords are worth using and displays them in the written article. You can compare your content with what your competition has created on an ongoing basis. A great application that speeds up work on the content and at the same time, ensures that the article is SEO-compliant.

How to create texts in Polish?

You can create content in English yourself or commission it to a copywriter. You will know if the text is good or bad. For content in Polish, you will need a marketing translatorThrowing English content into the translator is not a good idea! People who are native speaker notice it right away. 

When you want your company blog to reach a foreign client, you must ensure the language correctness. Otherwise, you will not be perceived as a professional and expert.
Want to learn more about the risks of using free online translators for business? Read my last text here.

Do you want to run a company blog in English? I can translate your articles. I have over ten years of experience in business translations. My translations of texts, websites, and applications reflect the brand’s tone and voice and fit into the culture of a given country.
And if you don't have time to write a blog, I can help you with that. Together with my content specialist and Polish copywriter, we will write texts for you in Polish related to your business and following SEO rules.
Please write to me at and let's talk about collaboration.

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