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Polish Business – Major Companies in Poland

Thinking about launching your business in Poland? Tap into the advantages of strategic partnerships in Poland, where a stable, thriving economy offers vast opportunities for foreign investors to access diverse skills, resources, and technologies.
Maja Walczak
Maja Walczak
23 January 2024
Langbay - English-to-Polish Translation for Market Impact - Polish Business – Major Companies in Poland

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Partnerships with Polish Companies Major Companies in Poland How to Build a Successful Polish Business? The Role of Translation in Building Partnerships

If you are considering entering your business into the Polish marketplace, there are advantages to forming strategic partnerships in Poland. With its politically stable and thriving economy, Poland offers lucrative investment potential for foreign investors. Your company in Poland can tap into a large pool of skills, resources, and technologies. 

Poland holds the ninth global spot for investment attractiveness and is ranked as the top investment destination in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2020, foreign investors gained EUR 19 billion from business in Poland, doubling figures from the previous decade. The country has unified legal regulations that apply nationwide. 

An impressive 94% of past investors express satisfaction and a willingness to reinvest, owing to the business-friendly environment and diverse economy. The Corporate Income Tax (CIT) rate is remarkably lower than the average European rate. Poland encourages foreign investment, treats local and foreign investors alike, and boasts minimal private debt and no dividend tax obligations.

Partnerships with Polish Companies

In Poland, there are advantages to forming a ‘general partnership’ as a foreign investor, including taxation benefits. If you have a company, you would be expected to pay Corporate Income Tax (CIT) as “a permanent establishment of a foreign entrepreneur.”

As a business structure, a ‘general partnership’ differs from a ‘limited liability company’ as it does not represent a commercial company. Instead, it is based on a group of shareholders (partners), and each is liable under the partnership's obligations.

You could create a general partnership with a Polish company for trading purposes. This would allow you to take on the same rights and responsibilities as your Polish partners. Profits would then be distributed equally or in relation to an agreement between the partners. 

You cannot form a general partnership in Poland unless you provide a professional service or contribute economically to production or trade activities. It’s worth noting that if the partnership couldn’t pay its debts and creditors, each partner would be personally liable.

There is the option of becoming a ‘limited partnership,’ but this would mean you would not have equal responsibilities. There would be general and limited partners, but the latter would not have full representation rights. There is also the option to form a ‘limited liability partnership,’ which is usually more suitable for medical and legal professionals. 

Always seek advice from a Polish lawyer before choosing your business structure to ensure it is the right choice for your Polish business and that you select the best legal personality.

Major Companies in Poland

Poland boasts a dynamic marketplace with some of the largest companies in Central Europe, spanning diverse sectors from energy to technology. These corporations are pivotal to Poland's economic strength, with combined revenues reaching a remarkable $136 billion.

Sector-Specific Analysis

Here's a look at some of the top Polish companies, categorized by their sectors. These corporations are not only big leaders in their respective fields but also major contributors to the national economy, driving innovation and providing numerous employment opportunities.


  • PKN Orlen
  • PGE Polska
  • Tauron Polska

Banking and Financial Services:

  • PKO Bank Polski
  • Santander Polska
  • Bank Pekao (Bank Polska Kasa Opieki)


  • Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń (PZU)


  • Dino Polska


  • LPP SA


  • Asseco
  • CD Projekt


  • KGHM Polska Miedź
  • Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa


  • Budimex


  • Orange Polska

These companies play a pivotal role in their industries and help shape the economic landscape of Poland.

How to Build a Successful Polish Business?

If you are looking to establish a successful business in Poland, there are several critical factors that you should keep in mind. Considering these factors, you can increase your chances of building lasting and fruitful partnerships in Poland.

  1. Identify Potential Partners
    There are ways to identify and assess potential profitable local partners with a natural synergy with your business. Consider your products and services to find local businesses that can enhance your offering.
  2. Cultural Understanding
    Having cultural insights will allow you to build successful partnerships. Get to know the country by spending time in Poland, talking to people, and attending business events. You can also have a business partner from Poland who could guide you in the Polish landscape. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of Polish life.
  3. Legal Aspects
    Consider the legal elements for forming partnerships in Poland. General partnerships are usually the least complicated and most flexible. Limited partnerships are more suited to those who simply wish to invest in a Polish business.
  4. Communication
    For your partnership to be successful, you must create precise and effective communication channels, both internally and externally. There can be no room for misunderstanding if you want your business interests to prosper. Polish consumers prefer to be addressed in Polish - they can be sure they understand everything, which is essential in establishing business relationships. Therefore, it is worth using the service of a Polish business translator who will help you support sales, strengthen your brand's position in the Polish market, and take care of linguistic nuances.

The Role of Translation in Building Partnerships

Navigating a new market requires more than just financial investment. It demands a deep understanding of local culture and business practices. Employing translation services and gaining cultural insights are indispensable for building lasting partnerships and effective communication.

Language compatibility will enhance any type of formal or informal business partnership. Clear communication, tone of voice, and a cultural understanding will enable you to build successful and reliable partnerships. This includes professional translation and language support services that reflect your brand. 

When building partnerships in Poland, it is helpful to translate your content into Polish. Overcoming language barriers will enable you to make faster decisions. Effective translation of your standard and marketing communications will benefit your partners, suppliers, and customers. Not only will this help you showcase your company's products and services, but it will help you forge stronger alliances with Polish partners and suppliers.

List of contents

Partnerships with Polish Companies Major Companies in Poland How to Build a Successful Polish Business? The Role of Translation in Building Partnerships


Poland’s economic environment is characterized by its large corporations that lead in revenue and innovation. For businesses looking to enter the Polish market, aligning with these top companies through strategic partnerships can provide a critical edge. Understanding the landscape, from corporate structures to cultural nuances, is key to tapping into Poland’s rich economic potential.

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