Discover the Benefits of Multilingual Content Marketing B2B
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Discover the Benefits of Multilingual Content Marketing B2B

As the saying goes, ‘content is king,’ and it does not matter which country your business is based in. When it comes to multilingual content marketing for companies, you must have a strategy. Whether you already have a global presence or want to launch your brand internationally, content marketing should be a crucial part of your promotional activities.
Maja Walczak
Maja Walczak
17 November 2023
Langbay - English-to-Polish Translation for Market Impact - Discover the Benefits of Multilingual Content Marketing B2B

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What is Content Marketing? 7 Tips for Multilingual Content Marketing Translator for Multilingual Content Marketing

4.8 billion or 59.9% of the world's population are social media users. (April 2023 - Statista)

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is communicating your brand to your customer through different channels. It allows you to educate your audience on certain aspects of your products or services. It also enables you to provide extra product or service information that could be too detailed to fit on your main website. 

Content marketing comes in many forms and covers the following:

  • Blogs on your company website
  • Email marketing and campaigns
  • Social media posts and articles
  • Videos and in-app marketing
  • Images and infographics 

You can split your content into different types of communication and send or display it to your subscribers or followers. The channels you choose will depend on your target audience in each country. For example, you might have researched your potential customers and discovered they mostly hang out on Facebook. That’s okay if you are in certain countries, but a solo Facebook strategy might not be appropriate for all your target markets. 

What happens if you start content marketing in a country where Facebook isn't the top social media channel? For example, the top-ranking social media channel in Russia is and WeChat in China. In these instances, you will need to appeal to these social media channels too. It's essential to ensure that any promotions targeting certain countries comply with the relevant local laws.

7 Tips for Multilingual Content Marketing

Below are seven valuable tips for producing effective multilingual content marketing:

  1. Research your audience. This applies to any content marketing strategy, whether in your country or for multilingual audiences. By understanding your target customers’ values, preferences, cultural references, and jargon, you can create and adapt content related to their pain points.
  2. Add value and be sensitive to cultural differences. For your content marketing to succeed, it needs to have some level of value to your audience. The content should reflect your brand’s tone of voice and be relevant to the intended region.
  3. Keep messaging consistent. Different countries will require a different approach to localized content, so it’s important not to veer too far away from any core marketing messages. Adapt your strategy so your offering appeals to various target markets.
  4. Localize your content marketing. This is when text is adapted to suit a target audience, using relevant cultural nuances and references. The core marketing message might be the same, but this ensures that the content is understood.
  5. Make sure your core messages can be localized. Cost-effective content creation starts with using core messages that can be easily localized. If you need to recreate your marketing messages to suit a new target audience, read our blog, Why transcreation matters and differs from translation.
  6. Avoid diluting your marketing messages. When you share content across different markets, there’s a risk that core messages can become diluted. Creating tone-of-voice guidelines and a style guide will help your marketing team and marketing translators
  7. Integrate your content marketing strategy. By connecting your content marketing, you can make it easy for your customers to follow all your channels. Use social media ‘follow’ buttons in your email campaigns and add a call to action to your posts.

Translator for Multilingual Content Marketing

Content marketing can be translated using sophisticated translation software. When you work with a professional translator regularly, this ensures that any nuances are stored within the translation system. Known as translation memories, this allows your translator to quickly search and recall previous phrasing and terminology for your content marketing.

When you are looking to expand internationally, this creates a variety of opportunities for content marketing. You can generate interest in your brand, products, or services using blogs, emails, social media, videos, and images. The key to achieving success with multilingual content marketing is to ensure that your content is translated in a way that resonates with the culture of your target audience.

At Langbay, we are your marketing translation specialists covering English and Polish. We can translate, localize and transcreate multilingual content marketing effectively so it connects with your target audiences. Your content marketing will always be on brand, reflect your voice, and successfully communicate your core messages. 

Do you need multilingual content marketing? Email to find out how we can translate your text for multiple global audiences.

List of contents

What is Content Marketing? 7 Tips for Multilingual Content Marketing Translator for Multilingual Content Marketing

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