How can a brand differentiate itself from others through its tone of voice?

tone of voice

Using the right brand tone of voice for your translated marketing is essential for maintaining your brand reputation on the global stage. But why is using tone of voice in translation so important?

Investing in your brand tone of voice from a translation perspective will help you attract new customers in new markets. This involves curating your branding in a way that ensures you can achieve your marketing objectives, as well as maintaining your brand reputation.

What is a brand’s tone of voice?

A brand tone of voice is a set of principles used to convey your brand to your customers or an audience. It's often considered one of the most critical elements of a company's marketing communications. It's the way your company “speaks” both internally and externally. 

One way of thinking about a brand tone of voice is to consider its personality. Just like human beings, brands have personalities. And just like human beings, every brand is different. So, think about describing your brand’s tone of voice like you would describe somebody's personality. How would you like your business to appear to your customers?

You might want your brand to appear professional yet friendly, for example, or caring and trustworthy. You might want your business to appear fun but not silly, or informal but authoritative. These are all tone of voice attributes and will affect the types of wording you use in your communications. It’s helpful to create tone of voice guidelines you can stick to.

When you are thinking of launching a business in a new country, it’s essential that your brand tone of voice translates correctly to the new target market.

Why does tone of voice translation matter?

Your brand tone of voice is an important tool to help distinguish your brand from any competitors. But a brand identity can easily be lost in translation. So, it’s important to use a translator who knows how to stick to the right tone of voice.

One mistake many businesses make is assuming that because their brand tone of voice is well received in their home country, it will work in the same way in a new target market. This is not always the case due to different language nuances and dialects. Your brand tone of voice might not translate in the way that you intend.

Sometimes businesses overlook certain phrasing, which might be perceived negatively, culturally insensitive or even offensive in other languages. If the tone of voice hasn't been translated effectively to the new target market, your brand's reputation could be seriously damaged. It’s advisable to avoid using any slang words or colloquialisms that could be misinterpreted, and also avoid using long-winded explanations. Keep wording concise.

So, if you want to maintain your brand reputation and reach global audiences, ensure you have effective translation of your brand’s tone of voice.

How does a translator retain the brand tone of voice?

A professional translator experienced in tone of voice looks at ways to bring your brand personality to life so it appeals to your desired target market. This means using references that people understand such as cultural nuances. They would avoid using wording that might be perceived as offensive to that local market. This would include any text that might appear sexist, inappropriate or insensitive in the target market’s language.

Lang Bay knows the importance of retaining a brand's tone of voice. Our professional translator can translate your marketing and any text required from English-to-Polish. As your localization expert, your text will include cultural nuances relevant to your target market. 

Unsure how to translate your marketing content, while keeping your brand tone of voice intact? Email to find out how you can convey and retain your brand identity on the global stage.

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