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The Growing Need for Ukrainian Translation

With the arrival of millions of Ukrainian refugees across Europe, organisations need to consider the Ukrainian translation of the text. It is also worth including Russian translation, as this is often a first language for many Ukrainians and a second language for most. At a time when communication is critical, it is crucial to avoid any language barriers.
Maja Walczak
Maja Walczak
17 November 2023
Langbay: tłumaczenia polsko-angielskie EN - The Growing Need for Ukrainian Translation

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Ukrainian Translation for Health Workers and Hospitals Ukrainian Translation for Business and Hospitality Use Translation and Localisation

According to the UN, 6.3 million people fled Ukraine at the time of writing, and many sought refuge in neighbouring countries. Poland has received the most significant number of refugees, reported as 3,396,792, followed by Romania, with 930,341 people. Ukrainians travel across Eastern Europe to countries such as Germany and the UK.

Although Ukraine is not part of the European Union (EU), Ukrainians have been granted the right to stay for three years by the EU within its 27 member states. Refugees will have access to medical treatment, social welfare, housing and schools. As a result, several public organisations and private businesses will need a Ukrainian translator to communicate effectively with Ukrainian people, especially those who need urgent help and humanitarian assistance.

Ukrainian Translation for Health Workers and Hospitals

Where refugees are victims of violence, injured due to bombing raids, or pregnant, extra care must be taken to ensure those affected are helped promptly. Communication in Ukrainian is essential to ensure people can be treated effectively and quickly. Consider translating patient literature and medicine labels into Ukrainian or Russian if you work for a health organisation.

In Moldova, for example, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has estimated that 36% of refugees are children, around half are girls, and half are boys. They also estimate that 80% are women. In any country, the ability to translate important information into Ukrainian or Russian will be the difference between a successful or failed settlement of the refugees.

Ukrainian Translation for Business and Hospitality Use

Along with hospitals, healthcare providers and organisations providing humanitarian assistance, several sectors should consider Ukrainian-Russian translation services. Below are a few examples:

  • Banks – although many refugees fled with little money, they will need to open bank accounts in their current country over time. There have been calls on EU banks to make this process easier; for example, lighter anti-money laundering checks and effective Ukrainian translations of banking documents will be essential.
  • Offices – many Ukrainians are seeking employment in their new country. Employers should ensure that employment contracts and handbooks have been translated clearly.
  • Food companies – consider translating labels for food products aimed at Ukrainians to explain contraindications for ingredients that could cause allergies.
  • Hotels and restaurants –this might include translating information for emergency provisions. But there will come a time when Ukrainians can enjoy hospitality; therefore, high-quality Ukrainian translation for hotels and restaurants will benefit all parties.
  • E-commerce platforms ­– Ukrainians need goods just like everyone else. Translating your website or online store will make you accessible to Ukrainian customers.

Translation and Localisation

Localisation is an integral part of any translation service. Whether you are an organisation producing public information or a business creating marketing, localising your text for Ukrainian readers will ensure relevance. Localisation provides a proper cultural context, mainly if you publish important messages on social media or a website.

We now provide Ukrainian and Russian translation services – see our translator's profile. By embracing these languages, your organisation can effectively support displaced Ukrainian people. You will also be seen as inclusive and forward-thinking, ready to respond to the increasing need for more precise Ukrainian and Russian communication.

If you are looking for an English-Ukrainian-Russian translator to help you convey important information and messages, get in touch today.


European Ukraine Response: Refugee Arrivals Continue Across Europe

List of contents

Ukrainian Translation for Health Workers and Hospitals Ukrainian Translation for Business and Hospitality Use Translation and Localisation

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