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Do you Need Help with Translating Subtitles for Your Videos and Movies?

Over the years, we have translated subtitles for a variety of TV and media companies, including Netflix and the BBC. When it comes to translating subtitles for videos and movies, you need a specialist audiovisual translator. So, what exactly is audiovisual translation?
Maja Walczak
Maja Walczak
17 November 2023
Langbay: tłumaczenia polsko-angielskie EN - Do you Need Help with Translating Subtitles for Your Videos and Movies?

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Translation for Video, TV and Film Tips for Effective Audiovisual Translation Translator for Subtitles

Put simply, audiovisual stands for sound and image, and covers videos and films for entertainment and corporate purposes, TV series and documentaries. It can also apply to educational or training materials, multimedia presentations and e-learning platforms.

Businesses are increasingly using audiovisual as a key part of their marketing collateral on their website and social media channels. This includes product demos, support or explainer videos, tutorials, webinars, interviews and customer testimonial videos. On social media, subtitles are very important, as many people switch off the sound when watching videos.

80% increase in the view-through rate when subtitles are applied to videos. (Tubular Insights)

Translation for Video, TV and Film

There are many important factors to consider when it comes to audiovisual translation. Translating dialogue for a film, for example, needs to ensure viewers of different languages understand the nuances and can easily follow the plot. Linguistic correctness is essential for ensuring viewers from different countries can equally enjoy the film they are all watching. 

When it comes to film and TV subtitles, the text has to be localized and adapted to suit the culture of the viewers’ country. The sound may still play the original actors’ or presenters’ voices, so the subtitling must not distract the viewer. Special attention has to be paid to the length, spacing and timing to ensure a seamless flow of understandable words on screen.

If you are a business, using subtitles can help you build trust in your brand because it will make your audiovisual more accessible for target customers in different countries. When people can understand your videos, this will boost engagement on your online platforms. Consider subtitling videos on your website, social media, apps and online stores. 

Tips for Effective Audiovisual Translation

Below are some important factors to consider when you are translating any type of audiovisual medium.

  • Timing is important. We naturally hear audio quicker than we can read words. This can make subtitling a challenge. If sentences are too long, the viewer won't be able to keep up with the scene as the dialogue changes. There are lots of different rules about how to create suitable subtitling in a different language. And this is why a professional subtitling translator needs to be used.
  • Length and spacing of subtitles. There are certain standards about how to create subtitles that appear on screen, for example, this needs to be a maximum of two lines on the screen at any one time. Otherwise, viewers will be overwhelmed by the number of words, and they won't be able to follow the audiovisual. The difficulty here is that the number of characters will vary depending on the language being used.
  • Localization is key. This is the process of using cultural references and nuances that make the subtitles easily understood by people who speak a different language. Localized movies, TV programmes and videos are no longer just the remit of large companies like Netflix, BBC or Disney. Businesses are also increasingly making use of localization for videos used to promote their business online.
  • Understand the viewers’ culture. It’s important to have a deep understanding of the viewers’ language and relevant cultural references. By reflecting typical expressions and linguistic nuances used in the original audiovisual, you can share the same jokes, puns, idioms and slang phrases with foreign speakers.

Translator for Subtitles

The key to successful subtitle translation for video, TV or film is quality assurance. A professional translator for subtitles will use sophisticated software to translate the audiovisual, but they will also localize the subtitles. They will also perform grammar and spelling checks to ensure the subtitling is linguistically correct and accurate.

Langbay has worked with some of the largest entertainment companies in the world, providing audiovisual subtitles and also voiceovers. We specialize in English-to-Polish translation, and we are localization experts. Our team can translate your movie, TV series and corporate videos to engage your intended audience.

Do you need subtitles translating for a video, movie or TV? Email to find out how we can translate your subtitles from English to Polish.

List of contents

Translation for Video, TV and Film Tips for Effective Audiovisual Translation Translator for Subtitles

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