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Translate Your Ecommerce Business into Polish in 2024

Imagine tapping into a thriving market just by translating your e-commerce store into Polish. With Poland's stable economy and growth, it's a hotspot for global retailers. Think bigger: there are 20 million Poles worldwide, creating a vast, untapped audience for your online business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to broaden your reach and boost sales in a market that's ripe for the picking.
Maja Walczak
Maja Walczak
17 November 2023
Langbay - English-to-Polish Translation for Market Impact - Translate Your Ecommerce Business into Polish in 2024

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The Polish Market - A Key to E-commerce Success for Your Online Store Polish Consumer Spending Habits in Online Stores The Polish Customer vs Ecommerce Business in 2024 Ecommerce Store Translation to Polish - What Are the Benefits?  First Steps to Starting an Ecommerce Business in Poland Consider Localization Services When Translating Your Online Shop

Starting a business and selling your products on e-commerce platforms is an exciting journey. Venturing into the Polish ecommerce market offers fantastic business opportunities for any online business, particularly when you aim to expand your services online or have products you want to sell to foreign markets. Localizing your ecommerce products for the Polish market, notable for its stability and growth, is not just about reaching around 40 million people within the country. It also allows you to reach the extensive Polish diaspora globally, considering the 20 million Poles live abroad.

This article sets the stage for understanding why Poland, with its unique market dynamics and consumer preferences, is an ideal expansion ground for e-commerce businesses. Whether you have innovative product ideas or specialized services, understanding and adapting to the local online marketplace is crucial. Remember that translating your ecommerce platform or store into Polish isn't just about language. It’s a strategic step to make your products resonate with a new, dynamic audience. Let's explore how this can be a game-changer for your business.

The Polish Market - A Key to E-commerce Success for Your Online Store

The Polish e-commerce market, valued at $22 billion in 2023, is set to reach $31 billion by 2027, offering a promising landscape for businesses aiming to start an ecommerce business. Increased digital channel importance and inflation are crucial growth drivers, urging businesses to adapt and grow. Whether you're a startup or an established business, the shift towards e-commerce in Poland presents a substantial opportunity to expand your reach and grow your business.

Polish Consumer Spending Habits in Online Stores

In the evolving landscape of Polish e-commerce, understanding consumer spending habits is critical. The trend is clear: convenience, flexibility, and diverse payment options are key. For a business that sells products online, adapting to these preferences is essential. With a significant portion of the Polish population actively engaging in e-commerce, especially those aged 29-49 years, your e-commerce website can leverage these insights to meet consumer needs effectively.

The e-commerce landscape in Poland is competitive, with big players like Allegro and Zalando. To stand out, embracing omnichannel retailing and addressing challenges like counterfeit products is crucial. Your e-commerce website needs to be dynamic, trustworthy, and consumer-focused. As you consider how to start and grow your business in this market, remember that understanding and adapting to these market dynamics is key to success.

For English-speaking businesses aiming to penetrate the Polish market, it's time to get strategic. The Polish diaspora, a substantial market in itself, can be pivotal in extending your business's reach. Translating your e-commerce website to Polish and understanding the diaspora's consumer behavior can create new pathways for business growth, whether your focus is business to consumer or business to business.

The Polish Customer vs Ecommerce Business in 2024

Understanding how Polish customer thinks and what affects their purchasing decisions will help you translate your products into attractive items people want to buy.

The study "Market diversity in the times of the new consumer" by MAM platform reveals that Polish consumers are rational and value-driven. They often use search engines to compare prices and quality, seeking the best one of the available offers. This behavior indicates lower brand loyalty, suggesting that online businesses need to work harder to build trust with Polish customers. Understanding and responding to these consumer habits are crucial for online retailers in Poland.

  • 84% - buy online at least once a month
  • 40% - are aged between 15 and 24 years
  • 35% - are aged between 25 and 35 years
  • 16% - require knowledge of the seller before purchasing.
  • 10% - enjoy a personalised offering

Poles value transparency in online purchases, often preferring vendors who offer information in Polish. Effective translation of your website removes language barriers, encouraging customers to stay and shop. Marketing messages must be relevant, impactful, and customized to the Polish speaker. Social media posts need to talk to people in their language with an appropriate cultural understanding. It can't be translated by machine translation, which does not support the cultural and social nuances. Utilizing platforms and tools that allow you to run nuanced marketing campaigns in Polish can significantly enhance customer trust and engagement.

Ecommerce Store Translation to Polish - What Are the Benefits? 

Selling e-commerce products to the Polish market offers several benefits. Firstly, the Polish e-commerce sector is experiencing rapid growth, providing ample opportunity for new entrants. The increasing internet penetration and comfort with online shopping among Poles create a conducive environment for e-commerce businesses.

What's more, you will have access to millions of new customers and a growing market thanks to online shop translation. During the first quarter of 2022, Poland’s GDP was expected to be significantly higher than the EU over the coming year, with a forecast of 5.5%. Poland is a highly attractive market because of its diverse economy, macroeconomic stability and infrastructure investments.

The average salary in Poland is an important factor to consider when selling e-commerce products in the market. As of June 2023, the average salary is around 7,560 PLN (approximately USD 1,820) per month. This financial context is essential in understanding the purchasing power of the average Polish consumer. It also provides insight into the economic landscape of Poland, where disposable income is gradually increasing, making it a promising market for e-commerce sales. Furthermore, unemployment is deficient, and it’s estimated that 54,000 people in Poland have management jobs. 

As you can see, Poles are increasingly receiving salaries with more disposable income and the ability to spend when buying products. However, this only accounts for residents of Poland alone. Imagine the possibilities of selling to Poles based across the globe. The conclusion: forgetting about Polish customers could be missing out on millions of sales.

First Steps to Starting an Ecommerce Business in Poland

Starting an e-commerce business in Poland requires more than translating your website into Polish. As a business owner, you must understand the local market's unique pain points. An English-based ecommerce website like Shopify can guide you in crafting a business idea tailored to your Polish target market. 

When translating the content of your platform, consider the different areas of your ecommerce store. To gain Polish customers' hearts, translate not only your website content but also your blogs, social media content, online store interface, and product descriptions from English to Polish. Pay attention to your Polish customers using an interactive, personalized approach.

For paid social media advertising, ensure adverts are localized and targeted correctly to a Polish audience. Online retailers who use a customized approach to paid social adverts tend to see a greater reach and impact.

As an online retailer, you might want to sell through platform. Like Amazon and eBay, this is the ecommerce sales leader and one of the most successful ecommerce business models to choose from in Poland, with an estimated 20 million users. 75% of Poles prefer online to brick-and-mortar purchases because it gives them 24/7 access to a given product or service.

Online Marketing Strategies for the Polish Market

When starting an e-commerce business targeting the Polish market, a multifaceted online marketing strategy is key. Utilizing SEO effectively is crucial. Carefully select keywords that resonate with both a B2B audience and individual consumers. This ensures that your business and ecommerce products are visible to your target demographic. Additionally, social media plays a significant role in reaching a wider global audience. Creating content tailored to the needs and interests of your new online business's potential customers can dramatically increase engagement and sales. Adopting these targeted approaches will help get your business the attention it deserves in a competitive market.

Platforms like offer a gateway to the Polish ecommerce market, providing tools and resources that help you reach a diverse audience. These platforms are essential for various types of businesses and the range of products you can sell. Understanding platform dynamics, like consumer behavior and order values, is also important to use these platforms effectively. This approach helps in marketing your business and establishing your presence in the Polish online marketplace. 

To get your new online business up and running, start with thorough business planning and market analysis. It's essential to select the right ecommerce software that aligns with the products you plan to sell. Consider factors like language support, compatibility with platforms like Facebook Marketplace, and the tools needed for efficient buying and selling of goods. Your chosen software should offer flexibility and scalability to adapt as your business grows.

Consider Localization Services When Translating Your Online Shop

For ecommerce website owners, translating an online store into Polish is just the start. True localization involves understanding and integrating the cultural nuances of the Polish market into every aspect of your online presence. As your business grows, so does the need to adapt not just the language but also the functionality and offerings of your store to meet the expectations of Polish consumers and suppliers.

Building your online store with linguistic localization in mind means going beyond merely translating content. It's about creating a connection with your audience by adapting to their shopping habits, preferences, and values. Successful store owners recognize that localization is not just another business task; it's a strategic move to enhance customer engagement and trust.

Localization extends to choosing the right ecommerce solutions that resonate with the Polish audience. This includes integrating popular payment methods, aligning with local buying trends, and ensuring your website’s design and user experience are tailored to Polish preferences.

Looking for an experienced e-commerce translator who can help you sell products to Polish people not only in Poland, but anywhere in the world? Get in touch today to get your free translation sample.


List of contents

The Polish Market - A Key to E-commerce Success for Your Online Store Polish Consumer Spending Habits in Online Stores The Polish Customer vs Ecommerce Business in 2024 Ecommerce Store Translation to Polish - What Are the Benefits?  First Steps to Starting an Ecommerce Business in Poland Consider Localization Services When Translating Your Online Shop


The Polish e-commerce market is ripe with opportunities for businesses ready to adapt to its unique consumer behaviors and market challenges. From leveraging the potential of the Polish diaspora to understanding local consumer trends, the possibilities for growth and expansion in this market are vast. Failing to translate your online store into Polish can mean missing immediate sales opportunities. Overlooking Poland’s market can also result in losing out on a vital and growing customer base, which has the potential for long-term, repeated business.

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