Why Are Marketing Translations Important?
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Why Are Marketing Translations Important?

Marketing translations require different types of extra skills such as creativity, research and an in-depth knowledge of marketing channels. So, why are marketing translations important for your business? Effective translation of your marketing will ensure your campaigns are engaging and persuasive, resulting in more customers and more sales.
Maja Walczak
Maja Walczak
17 November 2023
Langbay - English-to-Polish Translation for Market Impact - Why Are Marketing Translations Important?

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What Are Marketing Translations? Translation vs Transcreation vs Localization Why Use a Professional Marketing Translator?

marketing translator pays greater attention when translating marketing text to avoid any misinterpretations. Their services go beyond standard translation, which focuses mainly on grammar and style. A professional marketing translator will understand the context and culture of the target market, as well as how to translate text into different marketing channels. They will customise your marketing, so it’s relevant to the market being targeted.

There have been numerous marketing translation blunders over the years, which have cost companies millions. Financial corporation, HSBC, used the slogan “Assume Nothing” as a way of promoting security and transparency. But when translated into different languages, the meaning changed to “Do Nothing” which negatively implied that their financial managers do not take action. So, it’s important to get it right when it comes to marketing translation.

What Are Marketing Translations?

Marketing translation is the process of adapting marketing content from one language to another to ensure it resonates with the target market. The translated marketing should also reflect the brand’s tone of voice for consistency.

When done correctly, your translated marketing will increase your brand awareness so you can reach a wider audience. You will also minimize any risk of misinterpretation, removing the need for support costs to resolve any issues. You can also boost your website’s online search ranking (SEO).

What are common types of marketing and advertising that can require translation?

  • Website content, sales landing pages and blogs
  • Social media posts, infographics and videos
  • Brochures, leaflets and eBooks
  • Posters, billboards and banners
  • Product descriptions
  • Email marketing
  • Presentations

Translation vs Transcreation vs Localization

When it comes to marketing translation, people often confuse translation, transcreation and localization. So, what are the differences?

  • Translation - adapting text from one language into a different language.
  • Transcreation - recreating text to suit a new target audience in a new market.
  • Localization – adapting text to reflect the cultural preferences of a target market.

Marketing translation involves the adaption of any type of marketing text from one language into another. Usually, minimal changes are made to the original text or the structure to ensure the text still fits with the original style and objectives.

Transcreation is important for when you are working on any type of marketing materials or a campaign, especially slogans and social media content. Also known as ‘adaptive’ or ‘creative’ translation, this usually requires significant changes being made to both the wording and the structure. 

Localization can be applied to all types of marketing. This is the process of adapting text to suit a target market, using cultural references and nuances. Although the marketing message might remain the same, there could be cultural changes to suit the target audience. This ensures the message is not misinterpreted in any way. 

An example of when a global company failed to localize their marketing is KFC, the fast-food chicken chain. When they were looking to expand into Beijing back in the 80s, their slogan “Finger Lickin’ Good” did not translate well into Chinese. When translated, this slogan changed to “Eat Your Fingers Off”. 

Adding more insult to injury, KFC failed to do any research of the local market, and further discovered that their slogan would not have worked anyway. Market research showed the Chinese do not lick their fingers as a way of showing whether food is tasty. So, even if the slogan had been translated correctly, the meaning wouldn't have achieved the desired result. Cases like this show the importance of using localization to market products.

Why Use a Professional Marketing Translator?

Marketing translations can help you reach millions of new customers, especially in prosperous countries like Poland with growing economies. As marketing translations require creative, research-based skills and knowledge, it’s important to use an expert in marketing translation. They will ensure the brand tone of voice is consistent across every channel.

At Lang Bay, we know the importance of professional marketing translations, and our team can translate English-to-Polish and Ukrainian. We are also localization experts, which means we will use culturally relevant references and nuances to suit your target market.

Do you need professional marketing translation? Email info@langbay.eu to find out how we can translate your marketing materials and campaigns.

List of contents

What Are Marketing Translations? Translation vs Transcreation vs Localization Why Use a Professional Marketing Translator?

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